UFC 258 Main Event Pick and Underdog Bets

There is so much action that is going to be bet on the underdog in the main event at UFC 258. And that’s Gilbert Burns because he’s looked so live, he’s looked very capable. Kamaru Usman and Burns are training partners; they know each other very well, and one guy seems very confident. So all the noise is Burns must’ve got the best of Kamaru in sparring and training. Wipe all that noise away and Kamaru Usman should be a -300 favorite, and there’s no value in placing this bet.

The reason we’re mentioning it is to save people money because the wiseguys tipped their hands real quick on this flight. Usman vs. Burns was scheduled months ago before it was canceled. When they put the line up around -160, -170 wiseguys, steamed it up at -225 or -250. So when this was canceled this time around, books knew where to bring it out. Let’s bring it up real high so the sharps can’t get involved, and we’ll let the public come in and take Gilbert Burns. The books feel like they have the better fighter, and it doesn’t mean Usman will win, but that’s what the books are doing. They are taking Usman on Saturday, and that should be the play.

Some big dogs on this card at +300 or greater to take a look at is Anthony Hernandez. Hernandez over Rodolfo Vieira is going off at +320 at the FanDuel Sportsbook. Also, take a look at Dhiego Lima over Belal Muhammad. Lima is a fantastic dog at +330. You’re not supposed to cash out +300 underdogs as they usually just give you the ticket already ripped up, but these two guys are live. Even if one of those cash-out, you are sitting pretty. Hernandez and Lima are juicy at +300, where they should probably be around +200, so it’s worth sprinkling a little salt on those moneylines.